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“How do I know if I have an addiction?”

This is an important question. Unfortunately, there is no simple laboratory test that you can have done to determine if you are experiencing symptoms of addiction. But you can ask yourself some questions. If some of the answers to these questions are yes, it can indicate that addiction is a possibility. If the answers to several of these questions are yes, it may be a strong possibility. If you are unsure contact me today for free confidential phone consultation or schedule your first appointment. I know it is a big step, but I am here for you and I understand!

Take one of the self assessments below to begin your journey to healing!

Do I need help managing my drug and alcohol use?
Do you feel bad or guilty about your drug or alcohol use?
Do your family or friends complain about your alcohol or drug use?
Do you experience withdrawal (feel sick) when you stop using drugs or alcohol?
Have you been in trouble at work, school or with the law because of drinking or drugs?
Is my sexual behavior a problem?
Does your sexual behavior cause problems in your personal relationships?
Do you neglect important activies to engage in sexual behaviors?
Do you have legal or work problems due to your sexual behavior?
Do you feel guilty or ashamed of your sexual behaviors?
Am I addicted to food?
Do you use sweets/food to relieve emotional discomfort, such as fatigue, sadness, anger, tiredness or boredom etc?
Do you feel bad or guilty about the amount you eat or the type of foods you eat?
Do you hide food, eat alone and/or lie to others about the amount of food you eat?
Have you neglected your family, friends or other responsibilites due to using food?

Thanks for submitting!

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