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The Power of AND in changing thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

What is DBT and how can it help you?

Dialectical thinking is finding the balance of two opposites. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is highly effective practice for a wide range of emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal issues. DBT assists clients in four areas, distress tolerance; mindfulness; interpersonal effectiveness; and emotion regulation. DBT is effective for self destructive behavior, depression, addiction and personality disorders.

Experiencing a difficult time, having negative feelings or facing a big change in life doesn't mean you are stuck. Seeing another side of the problem or crisis does not invalidate how serious or painful it is to you. Holding space for opposing thoughts and emotions and using the power of AND can give you a new way to respond to your emotions, to your behaviors and to others in your relationships.

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